15 Ways To Make Extra Cash in 2017

15 Ways To Make Extra Cash in 2017

Learn how to keep yourself busy, and make extra cash with these tasks and side-hustles for everyday people…

Create A Blog

By writing and blogging about an area of expertise, you can develop a successful blog with ads and affiliate linking. Many people have ended up turning to blogging full time because of their great success.

Rent Out Your Car

With apps like GetAround and RelayRides, Uber you can rent your cars out to others for a fee.

Social Media Manager

Some people are social media experts, while others are clueless. Being fluent in social media, allows you to service as a social media manager. Offer businesses to operate and post on their social media platforms.

Do User Testing

UserTesting.com and sites like it are always looking for real people to give feedback about websites Owners of various websites post specific jobs to the site, and you give feedback and usability ratings on different websites and online apps.


Find a topic you are an expert in, and help tutor others in those same classes and earn upwards of $20-$50 per session. Helping other college students, or even younger students in middle school and high school, is a great way to make extra money

Online Surveys

If you have some time to spare online, you could spend it filling out online surveys. There are sites that will pay you to do so and it’s very easy.

App Development

The mobile app market is a good place to make money with a good idea. An app developer gets paid whether or not the app is successful or not, so learning how to create apps for IOS is not a bad idea.

Brand Ambassadorship

Big brands are always looking for assistance with their on-the-ground marketing efforts, and pay pretty good for the help. One can earn up to $1000 a month in extra pay.

Car Flipping

If you’re a good at negotiating and know a lot about cars, buying cars and selling them for higher prices can make for a great profitable side hustle.

Cleaning Service

Finding work cleaning on the side is not glamorous, but it’s something nearly every business spends money on which means their are many opportunities. This is another great side hustle for after hours.

Consulting / Coaching

Consulting is a broad area, but there are consultants for almost anything. Figure out what you are an expert in and provide valuable advice to others. It may potentially be worth money. Create a side business!


This is an excellent side hustle for people free nights and weekends. One can earn a great amount of extra cash driving for Uber, or any other driving services. Uber will even give N35k to N50  monthly or more.


Writing for websites is a service that’s constantly in demand. There is always work writing content, or writing something that someone needs help with.

Investing in Websites or Stock

Investing is great if you have extra cash and want to put it to good use. Make sure to do your research!

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