2019: We’ll vote out corrupt Christian politicians – CAN

Engr. Daniel D. Kadzai, the President of the Youth Wing of the Christian Association of Nigeria, has said Christian youths in the country will team up in booting out corrupt Christian politicians in the country in the 2019 elections.

Kadzai lamented the attitude of some politicians who he said claim to be Christians.

He said while they ought to be the light of the country by showcasing their godly characters that will help in overturning the problems that have been bedeviling the nation, they only contribute to destroying the country with their parochial greediness.

“Unfortunately,many of them conspired without conscience joined in the massive looting of our collapsing economy, we shall continue to rebuke them until they genuinely return to God in total repentance,” he said in the statement.

According to Kadzai, it is on record some of the Christians are robbing God with their “419” behavior, as they now run from one church to another to seek God’s intervention before election, but once they are voted into power they turn to enemies of God.

He urged them to learn a lesson from their Muslim counterparts who are seen adhering to the teachings of Islam.

Kadzai said: “Observing their five times daily Prayers even with tight office schedules, they using their resources to support Islamic groups and mosques without shame or apology. While ours pay less attention to Devotions in their respective offices or goes to their church weekly activities.

“The Christian Youths vow to expose any Church found harbouring notorious looters in the name of FAITHFUL TITHERS polluting and embarrassing Body of Christ,These is totally unacceptable.”

Kadzai stated that some Christians are indeed crucifying Christ for the second time by their actions and inactions, adding to the marginalisation and persecuting of Christians in Nigeria.

He said: “Christian politicians in the country suddenly become unreachable even to our respected Church Leaders/Clerics abusing the protocols put in place for cordial interfacing with the public,instead flipping suitable pages of lies from catalogues of falsehood.

“Consequently,we hereby urged our respected Clerics across Nigeria to rebuke and admonish them than keeping mute. Simalarly,good moral assessment and honest roles in Church must be given priority.

“We wish to remind our Brethren that,God cannot be mocked neither will smartness lead them anywhere. The day of reckoning is coming.”He said

Kadzai said his statement to the press is to notify all Christian politicians that all youths have started mobilizing to expose their lies and falsehood.

He said: “We are fully aware of their smartness,greed and corrupt tendencies, they often use Churches and Christian groups as cheap campaign platform, building religious sentiments when they loose political relevance and have nothing to show for their stewardship.

“The Church and Christian groups will thrive without them. Our choice of Candidates eighter Christian or non Christian will be on MERIT and records of achievement.”



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