4 signs that show that he will be your companion for all life

4 signs that show that he will be your companion for all life

Faced with fast-food style relationships, many women are already exhausted with disappointments and are always prepared for men who do not want to build a life together.

Strange as it may seem, there are still men who are willing to be life partners and willing to be that kind of companion as well.

As hard as it may seem, be aware of these clues, and do not let the frustrating experiences have left your vision compromised when it comes to identifying lifelong companions.

1. Only have eyes for you
He erased the phone numbers of prospective suitors by behaving like someone compromised who sees other women just as friendly friends.

He shows that you are what you are and missing you when you are not together. All his dedication and attention is focused on you; when they are distant he makes a point of showing where and with whom he would like to be with, and that YOU.

2. Get involved with your family
He shows interest in being close to you and yours forever. Instead of making excuses and trying to dodge family events, he seeks to accompany you. Seeks to relate well to everyone and get involved with their family. Whether it’s to please you, to know more about you or because he simply want to join the family, he just set the stage for the love affair with the family.

3. He is by your side in the adversities

Pleasant moments are very good. However, a lifelong companion knows that difficulties are a part, and in the face of these events he demonstrates that he is trustworthy and that he is there for what he needs. In adverse times relationships grow stronger and bonds tighten.

4. Want to have kids with you
Although marriage is synonymous with a lifelong relationship or “happily ever after,” what really binds a couple together is the children. Even when they no longer want each other’s company, the children will always be there, promoting some kind of connection.

If he wishes to have children with you, it is because he really wants you to be part of his life “until death do you part.” And it will be your companion, since caring for your children requires partnership and companionship forever.

When you see a man with this type of qualities, you should hold on to him, and never let him slip you by.

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