5 Promises President Buhari Made To 21 Released Chibok Girls Today

President Muhammadu Buhari on Wednesday, received personally the 21 Chibok girls recently released by the Boko Haram insurgents group at the Presidential Villa – Abuja.

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The President, in his address made several promises to the girls. Below are five of them:

1. President Buhari vowed that his government is determined to ensure that the remaining girls are released unharmed – ‘we shall redouble efforts to ensure that we fulfill our pledge of bringing the remaining girls back home.’

2. Mr. President promised care and support – ‘These 21 girls will be given adequate and comprehensive medical, nutritional and psychological care and support.’

3. He also promised rehabilitation – ‘the Federal Government will rehabilitate them’

4. Reintegration – the government will ensure ‘that their reintegration back to the Society is done as quickly as possible.’

5. The government will take care of the girls in all needs ‘Aside from rescuing them, we are assuming the responsibility for their personal, educational and professional goals and ambitions in life.’



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