5 Things To Never Talk About On a Date

5 Things To Never Talk About On a Date

As you know, there are things you can do for a woman that absolutely KILL the attraction she is feeling for you. And just like there is body language that kills attraction, there are also words or conversations that kill attraction as well.

When you’re spending some time alone with her and things are getting a little bit more intimate, you know – things are kind of in that “conversation” phase – It’s very important that you never whine or complain or even mention some topics.

1. Whining about being single.

Never whine about being single or being lonely. This is a turn off because the alpha male does not feel lonely – he is the leader of the pack, and he knows that being at the top means you are alone sometimes. You are not weak.

2. Never complain about being a loser and how no woman likes you.

Instantly, she will wonder what is wrong with you, and why other women don’t like you. She will want to have a man of value, and if no one values you, you are not going to be valued by her.

3. Don’t talk about being unlovable.

Same as #2 – don’t be a drama queen and whine about no one loving you. It does not make her more likely to love you, it makes her more likely to walk away.

4. Don’t talk about having a lot of bad luck or not having good luck.

You want to project positive things, like luck, confidence and surety. Complaining about bad luck makes you seem incapable in her evolutionary eyes.

5. Don’t talk about how long it’s been since you’ve had a date.

Same principle as numbers 2 & 3, everyone wants the alpha dog. “Wow, Susie it’s so nice to be with you I can’t even remember the last time I was out on a date like this. This is so fun.” (breathing in a low, creepy whisper, “You know what I can remember the last time I was on a date… It was two years ago. It’s just so wonderful to be with you”. ICK. Don’t SAY that to her! Unless, of course, you want to be classified as the “Most likely to live with your mother until her mummy is found sitting at your dinner table dressed for high tea”.

But of course, there is a way to actually ask questions and get them answered without seeming like you are too interested or hanging on her every word.

You can ask direct questions by “acting suspicious”.

Some questions or topics, of course, are seen as socially taboo. If you want to ask a woman her age, or if she is single, or any other “not usually asked” question, you can do it by looking a little bit suspicious.

You know how I say you can just say to a woman, “Hey are you single?” The trick to doing this and pulling it off is if you act like you are a little suspicious. “How old are you?” (Asking like you think she is about 15 years old and is not allowed being with the adults yet.)

Or, conversely, you can get almost any question answered if you seem like SHE is acting suspicious, and you’re trying to get to the bottom of the mystery. You’ll be surprised how women answer questions from how old they are, to their sexual preferences, right at the beginning of a conversation with this technique.

It works like a charm, and it’s something that you can use later on in a conversation as well to keep things playful and to keep the attraction amped up throughout the entire night.

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