What to do when you become bored with your career

What to do when you become bored with your career

If you feel burned out or bored at work, then you are not alone as studies has shown that a lot of people feel bored at work and only keep doing it in order to get the regular pay check.

Reasons for this boredom could be because you have become very accustomed to your work and you no longer feel challenged since you have to go through the same routine all the time.

Part of what you can do to banish the boredom if you work in an office that has different departments is to leverage all the knowledge you have acquired to tackle a different project which would bring you satisfaction.

If that would not be possible, then try the following ideas which can help to reduce boredom.

Speak about it

One of the great ways to meet people in your field is to share your talents and also learn from them.

Show your interest and availability for speaking opportunities in your place of work because when people know you have an interest in it, whenever an opportunity for you to do so arise, they would inform you.

When you get involved in this, it would curb your boredom.

Do something different

Volunteer to use your skills to help an NGO who is in desperate need of your expertise.

Doing this would give you a new challenge which would definitely keep you from being bored.


Try to reach out to training centres, local schools and community colleges to see if there would be any opportunity for you to educate the students there once in a while.

Apart from the fact that this would give your resume a boost, it would also allow you to meet other professionals, this time in a different setting.

Mentor a younger colleague

If you feel bored with the routine of your work, mentor a younger colleague or those that aspire to be in your line of profession.

When you mentor someone who has a similar career path with little or no experience, it would challenge you.

Write about it

It is logical to reason that since you have worked in a particular field and you feel bored, you would have acquired a lot of knowledge and experience.

Instead of taking it for granted, you can help inspire others by sharing it when you write about it.

Another advantage of this apart from the fact that you would help educate others is that in the process of trying to share it with others, the action might help to reignite your passion for your job.

Try to unwind

Also try to have fun both at work and after it. Be involved in constructive chats with your colleagues and smile regularly.

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