How Boko Haram Suspects Protected me in Prison: Fani Kayode

Nigeria’s ex Aviation Minister, Chief Femi Fani-Kayode, in an article has explained how he was protected by Boko Haram suspects during his four-day detention at Kuje Prison.

The article, which was released on Wednesday, is titled ‘Head bloodied but not bowed and the ascension of President-Elect Donald Trump.”

According to him, he spent over two weeks in the underground cell of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission without being interrogated. He said he was then transferred to Kuje Prison where he was kept in a cell along with terrorists.

“At Kuje I was kept in the terrorist wing of the prison which was built by the British government specifically for Boko Haram convicts and suspects. There were 47 of them in the facility and I was with them throughout. These were tough, disciplined, hardened, surprisingly well-educated and intimidating men.

“This was a frightful place and those that were locked up there were very dangerous and frightful people yet thankfully the Lord went ahead of me.

“The single cells, though small, were clean, well-ventilated, dry and very neat. The inmates were surprisingly very kind and friendly towards me and turned out to be my best friends and bodyguards whenever I toured the other parts of the prison.

“Most of those men were not Boko Haram killers but had been falsely accused, tortured and just dumped into prison and I felt nothing but pain and sorrow when I heard their stories.”

He said the Boko Haram suspects protected him when he went to meet IPOB leader, Nnamdi Kanu in another section of the prison.

They “drew a 10-man security cordon around me when we entered the general population of the prison and waited outside as Nnamdi and I spoke for almost three hours,” he said.



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