Every Guy Need to know This – 5 Ways She Is Saying You Are Not Good in Bed

Every Guy Need to know This – 5 Ways She Is Saying You Are Not Good in Bed

Below are some signs a woman will always give when she is not enjoying s3x with you, combine all the below listed hints and voila you have a lady who is not too happy with your skills between the sheets.

She shuts down after s3x: ‘Most women like to cuddle after s3x, some may like to simply lie down next to you and take a nap but if your lady love is turning away and absolutely shutting down after s3x, there’s definitely a problem; when women have s3x they release a certain hormone that causes them to bond with the man they are with which is why you will find your partner wanting to be close to you after the act but if this basic need is missing in your woman, there is a possibility that she isn’t quite enjoying her time in the sac”.

Avoids having s3x with you: “This one is just the brightest red flag out there, if she’s avoiding the act altogether, know that there is potentially something very wrong; while other reasons like hormonal imbalance or even fatigue can play a role in her disinterest but if she was s3xually active and starts avoiding s3x with you then it’s time to change things up”.

Looks bored: “While having s3x, the last thing that comes to your mind is to register what expression she has on her face but if you actually take the time to notice and she looks bored, you know you aren’t doing anything to make her happy between the sheets”.

She talks about certain things during the act: “She probably doesn’t want to hurt your feelings by telling you that you aren’t satisfying her, but one way of giving you a hint would be to talk to you about specific things you do in bed, for instance, if she asks about why you like a particular position or why you climaxed early, know that she’s pointing towards a problem”.

She wants to stay in only one position during s3x: “This could go either way, either you’re turning her on and helping her have a lot of fun in this position, or she hates it and just wants you to be done but if the latter is the case, she’s probably not going to want to change positions, ask you if you are done and lay there looking bored”.

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