Google Maps Makes You Delete Old Places

Google Maps Makes You Delete Old Places

If you have the Google Maps on your device, it now has a new feature that can make you remove a place you had visited. The Google Maps has indeed made things very simple for you so that you track the places you had visited in the last few days or weeks.

The recently released 9.70 beta version of Google Maps, as reported by Android Police, adds a new option to its overflow menu that lets you add a specific business or location to your visited places. When you tap it, it will now show that you have indeed been to that location, and when you were last at that place. You can also view it on your timeline. Finally, there a new “Remove” option that takes away any place that is recorded in the app that you have visited from your timeline.

Keep in mind that these new location adding and removing features are in the beta version of Google Maps, and have not yet been moved over to the non-beta edition of the app. It’s likely they will be added to the stable Google Maps app sometime in the very near future.

Android Police also did one of their detailed code teardowns of the beta’s APK and found evidence of other upcoming features that may or may not show up on Google Maps. They include custom shortcuts, movie showtimes and ticket sales support, a native screenshot feature and more. Again, keep in mind APK teardowns are no guarantee that these features will actually be added to Google Maps.

Check up this new feature and please get back to us with your comment on how much you like or dislike the feature.

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