We Are Happy To Have You As One Of Us: Indimis’ Welcomes Zahra Buhari to the Family

Rahma Indimi, daughter of Nigerian billionaire Mohammed Indimi, has taken to Instagram to welcome Zahra Buhari, daughter of President Muhammadu Buhari to their family.  Zahra is set to marry Ahmed Indimi, billionaire son.

In Rahma’s Instagram post welcoming Zahra she wrote, ”I met this young girl many years ago and I was smitten by her cheekiness.

Only years later down the line she is to become ours. My darling Zahra, you are an amazing young lady with so much to give. We have seen and conquered our mission.

My prayer is for the two of you to have a beautiful marriage and life with plenty of little ‘rahma’s running around (hint hint ) we are happy to have you as one of us. Good things are hard to get and the fight was worth it. We can’t wait #zahmed2016 ”

Read her post on instagram:




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