Hillary Clinton To Host Jay Z Concert Aimed At Nabbing Black Votes

Former president Bill Clinton was also in attendance at Jay’s Made in America music festival in Philadelphia back in September.

The hip-hop mogul is slated to headline a concert promoting the Democratic presidential candidate in Cleveland before next month’s election in an effort to encourage citizens to vote, the Cleveland Plain Dealer reports.Additionally, polls have found that Trump could get zero percent of the black vote in Ohio.Senior Democrats, meanwhile, have signaled publicly that Clinton has indicated staff should do whatever it takes to turn out young black voters and the concert is viewed as one of the last major voter mobilization moves the campaign will make before election day.

While BuzzFeed News reports that the Clinton campaign “has struggled to excite young black voters”, polls have found that Trump could get zero percent of the black vote in OH, so Clinton should be in good shape if African American voters listen to Jay Z and show up to vote.

The high percentage of black voters in 2012 helped re-elect President Barack Obama and could ultimately decide the upcoming election.While Jay Z’s concert has yet to receive an official date, the Clinton campaign has a series of concerts lined up in the next few weeks, including one by Jennifer Lopez on October 29 in Miami.James recently endorsed Clinton with an editorial piece for Business Insider.

“I believe in what President Obama has done for our country and support her commitment to continuing that legacy”.



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