Ibeno Beach: The longest Breach

Ibeno Beach: The longest Breach

The Ibeno beach is the longest beach in Africa. Fortunately, it cuts across Nigeria and in Akwa Ibom state. Ibeno beach is one of the beaches on the Atlantic Ocean, and it’s located in Ibeno local government, Akwa Ibom state, southeastern Nigeria. Ibeno beach is highly rated because of its peaceful and safe surroundings. It is the most popular beach in Akwa Ibom.

Although, the place has a lot of history, i can assure you hat it is really safe for all. Ibeno was the landing site for one of the most successful Christian missions in Nigeria – the Qua Iboe christian mission from Scotland which arrived in the early 20th century. Relics of that missionary expedition also attract tourists to the area. In 2013, the federal government constructed the Ibeno bridge to attract tourists and improve other economic activities in the area.

The beach is really safe and it has a lot of well traind guards who work day and night. They do a 24/7 shift in order to make the environment safe and free from death risk.

The environment can hold a lot of families fo beach scoccer, water sports, boating and the likes.

This beach was specially built by the Federal Government in order to create a lovely and sbeautiful environment for all visitors into the country.

You can visit with your family during the holidays. Why dont you visit there and get back to us how much you have enjoyed Ibeno Beach.

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