Jonathan Prays For a Nigeria Where Knowledge Supersedes Tribe,Religion in New Year Message

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Former President Goodluck Jonathan has a special ”Happy New Year” message for Nigerians.

In his message, Jonathan wrote, ”My prayer for Nigeria in the year 2017 is that we continue to forge greater ties across the length and breadth of this great nation to the end that we may achieve the Nigerian Dream: A nation where the child of a nobody can become a somebody without knowing anybody.”

“A nation where your knowledge, talent and character affect your upward mobility rather than the fact of your tribe, religion or birth.

“Such a Nigeria is possible if we all pitch in in word, action and prayer which I am sure we will do. I wish all Nigerians a very Happy New Year 2017.

“On behalf of my family and I, I congratulate you for making it into the New Year. God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria,

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