Before you love someone, ask yourself these 10 questions

Before you love someone, ask yourself these 10 questions

Love is a pure, powerful and powerful feeling in people’s lives. Therefore, to love is not a pastime, it is not a joke, it is something serious and it requires responsibility. Love is not only about you, but the loved one as well. Did you realize the importance? So before you love anyone, ask yourself these ten questions:

1. Do I love myself?
To love someone, I need to love myself. Love has much to do with admiration and appreciation. Do I love myself? Do I admire myself? Do I know my worth? How can I expect someone to love me back if I do not value myself?

2. Am I ready?
Not everything happens at the moment we want, for the simple fact that we are often not prepared for such an event. We hope so much, that then we believe it to be the right time, but it is not always the case. Learn to wait the right time.

3. Am I well resolved?
A well-resolved person is a balanced person, who knows how to go through the adversities of life with resilience, who accepts himself, who is true to himself and to all, who does not seek to be who he is not to gain approval from others.

4. Have I left my past in the past?
Do not want to love someone to forget a past love, or worse, to prove to your old love that you are not suffering and can move on. Do not play with the feelings of another person just because you can not handle yours.

5. Do I have grief?
Love is capable of many things, this is true. But we can not think that a new love will erase wounds, make you forget heartaches or end some suffering. Solve your problems, then love without worry.

6. Can I give in?
To love is to share joys, difficulties and moments, is to know how to divide and often leave your will aside for the sake of the happiness of the other. Are you capable of this? Do you know how to give up your wishes to make the person you love happy?

7. Do I want to make a commitment?
If you want to find someone to love but do not want to make a commitment, be very careful. Analyze your feelings and seek to understand your desires. It does not hurt someone’s feelings.

8. Why do I want to start a relationship?
A relationship is not fun, it does not serve to relieve your need, it’s not something you should want to do just because all your friends are dating and getting married and you’re feeling excluded.

9. Am I a trustworthy person?
Be honest and ask yourself: Do I trust myself? Am I faithful? Can I respect and keep secrets? Be the kind of person you would trust.

10. Can I stay alone?
If you are able to live well alone, you will surely have an excellent two life. Do not want to love someone to feel complete, to fill a void, be whole yourself, seek someone who complements, who overflows, who makes you feel inspired to be better.

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