Why you need to get a Thigh high Boots

Why you need to get a Thigh high Boots

Putting on a thigh high boots can save you from cold. These sky-high boots do more than add an alluring touch to any outfit. They are the best ideal option for those days when you want to wear a pair of black boots,but need an extra layer of warmth. Putting on an over sized sweater and leggings doesn’t exactly seem like a work outfit but when you add a pair of boots and instantly you look more office ready. Thigh high boots are acceptable for work as long as you’re also wearing thick tights or skinny pants underneath.

Here are ways to wear a thigh high boots without looking cheap


Keep your clothes loose and unflattering
Thigh high boots add a serious dash of sex appeal and you can also rock an otherwise less than figure flattering dress like an over sized shapeless sweater, which balances the inherent sexiness of the shoe style.

Dark on bottom layered on top
Make sure you wear your skin tight thigh high boots on opaque tights, leggings or dark skinnier, which gives you the opportunity to add volume and texture on top. Add color and go for a bright statement bag.

Stay true to the hue
If you are trying to achieve a monochromatic look with your thigh highs, you draw attention away from the severity of the style and add a subtle touch of high-fashion drama without screaming it.

Sock hop
Try to invest in a pair of over-the -knee socks and pair them with knee-high boots of the same color. Throw on a skirt or dress that flashes just a silver of thigh, layer on a loose cardigan.

Short skirt, long coat
Thigh high boots make you rock all sorts of short tight and sexy bottoms you want. You allow the long cut of the coat slim the look.

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