What you need to know before dating a Shy girl

What you need to know before dating a Shy girl

Dating a shy girl may seem quite peaceful. Shy girls are confident, independent, good listeners and they are also committed. They seem patient and very rarely will you have the feeling of insecurity hen in a relationship with them. If you are currently dating a shy girl or planning on dating one, there are things you need to know.

Here are things you need to know before dating a shy girl

She will find it difficult blend with your squad or gang in the first meeting. Infact, your friends might feel she doesn’t like them. Shy girls take their time to be friendly with new people around them.

She likes to be a part of things but hates being the center of attention or a front runner. She likes having fun but take it cool with her.

You’ve hardly heard her arguing with you. She doesn’t dominate. She won’t even create a scene if you sit there watching sports instead of talking to her.

Sometime, you get worried over her silence. She never raises concerns but she doesn’t forget things either. There are times she will let it all out at once and you won’t have an answer.

She remembers your choices and ultimate details about your relationship. The way she uses those things makes you appreciate her attention to detail will amaze you.

She blushes at the slightest touch when you get intimate with her. Don’t you really fall head over heels every time you see that. Don’t get carried away.

She never makes the first move. From taking her out on dates or movies or even some romance, if you expect her to initiate something deep, you will be waiting for a long time. This can be very annoying.

She wants you to understand her silence. This is something most men find difficult. To top it all, she gets hurt easily.

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