An Open Letter to the Ones Who ‘Needed Me’

You always needed  me.

You always needed my  assistance.

You always needed something from me.

I wish it hadn’t taken me this long to understand that none of you ever thought about me. I wish I had realized that you just thought about what I could offer you.

You were experiencing serious difficulties, were low on self-regard, you were dismal, you were drained, you were down on your good fortune, you were exhausted, you were destitute, you were desolate…

You were utilizing me.

Furthermore, the more established I get and the littler my circle turns into, the more I understand it isn’t my blame. I am not accomplishing something incorrectly, I am not all of a sudden unloveable- – I’m simply more quick witted.

I’ve gained from every one of the general population who ‘required me’. I gained from the oversights I made giving individuals access too rapidly, trusting too effectively, being excessively persistent.

I gave all that I had until there was nothing left, loaning out bits of my heart until I was void.

What’s more, now you require me once more. You require my help, my affection, my time, my exertion, my cash.

Be that as it may, I have nothing to give you since you have officially depleted me.

So now, obviously, you don’t need me, since I am of no utilization to you. Since you never needed me in any case; you just needed what I could provide for you.

Furthermore, now I can’t give you anything since I must be there for myself. I need to spend the little vitality I have on myself. I need to get my own particular broken pieces and I don’t have sufficient energy to settle yours.

So please simply ahead and leave, since I never required you.



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