Oyo State Has Guaranteed Nigerians In 2017,APC

The All Progressives Congress, APC, in Oyo State has guaranteed Nigerians that the acknowledgment of the craved positive change in all divisions of the nation will show in 2017.

In its New Year message by chief of reputation, Olawale Sadare, the APC anticipated that Nigeria’s financial status would get a support in 2017 with endeavors of the President Muhammadu Buhari organization and the participation of the citizenry.

The gathering, be that as it may, asked the general population to keep confidence with the APC government at all levels and supplicate more for the prosperity of Nigeria.

APC noticed that: “The best aggregate accomplishment ever accomplished by Nigerians was recorded in 2015 when they protected their country from the skirt of the incline and inescapable condemnation in the hands of the PDP falcons.

“Then, the harm to our national life had practically been done before the country was safeguarded and this was in charge of the untoward hardship of the previous 19 months on the citizenry.

“It is in perspective of this that the vast majority of the vital intercession measures of the Buhari organization appeared not to have yielded the craved outcomes albeit most recognizing psyches see the legislature as performing to desires.

“With the devastating of the Boko Haram uprising, security of petroleum items supplies, independence in rice generation, diminishment of authority debasement danger and some more, things can just show signs of improvement as Nigerians are set to witness a considerable measure of change and pivot in 2017.

“All the more critically, the great individuals of Oyo State would not be deserted in the plan of formative strings in the coming years as Governor Abiola Ajimobi is not laying on his paddles to better his very own record of accomplishments.”



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