Which Do you Prefer? Samsung S8, iPhone 8, iPhone X

Which Do you Prefer? Samsung S8, iPhone 8, iPhone X

Every user of these above mentioned devices would know that these are very new phone and devices that are just in the market. These are the types of phones we call smartest phones today. However, which do you think is better for you?

For the Apple phone, you would realize that the major difference between the iPhone 8 and X is the facial recognizion. This device has also failed to have an botton on the screen. These phones can anything you wish any smart phone can or should do today.

Well, for the iPhone or Andriod from Samsung, you can say that you can cloud your device whenever it has any problem. Both security flexibility is really better for anyone that wants to get any of the above mentioned device.

Which would be better? This would be determinant on the users preference. The original iPhone and Android models were smaller, but much easier to handle and operate with one hand. However, many prefer the larger screen.

That makes it easier to watch video, but today’s phones are heavier and larger, so they stick out of your shirt pocket and are impossible to use with just one hand.

One thing Apple did is to reintroduced its smaller-sized device for those who want it. Users often find that switching between iPhone and Android is time consuming and messy, and it creates all sorts of headaches. My suggestion is to try them both, decide which you want, and then stick with it.

Of course, if you like them both and need more than one smartphone, you can always get both! I know many who have both. However, the vast majority only use one device. If you are like most, you have a choice to make. So the decision is in your hand. But, which do yiu preffer most?

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