Price Of Food Stuff Forcefully Reduced In Ekiti State Market

Prices of foodstuff were forcefully reduced at markets in Ado Ekiti on Tuesday by a taskforce led by the President of the Market Women’s Association, Omowaye Oso.

The News Agency of Nigeria reports that the team visited the Oja Oba and the Bisi Egbeyemi markets, both in the state capital.

Ms. Oso ordered the stoppage of foodstuff sold at exorbitant prices, after which she personally sold to buyers at lower prices.

Buyers had accused the sellers of deliberately selling at excessive prices on the excuse of the non-appreciation of the American dollar.

Some of the commodities forced to sell at reduced prices included garri, beans, local rice and palm oil.

Consequent, a measure of garri, which used to sell for N200, was reduced to N100.

A 20-liter container of palm oil which sold at N22,000 was reduced to N15,000, while a measure of local rice, which initially sold at N500, was reduced to N400.

Ms. Oso said she had henceforth ordered that small measure of Okro and locust beans be sold at N20 as against N50.

She said the raid was supported by the state government and the Ewi of Ado Ekiti, Adeyemo Adejugbe.

“Both the Ewi of Ado Ekiti and the state government are concerned about the exorbitant prices of goods and services in the town.

“The cost of goods, especially foodstuff, is too high in Ado Ekiti, whereas, as the state capital, prices of goods and services should be the cheapest here.”



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