Read What Nigerians Are Saying About The Prophet That Predicted Buhari’s Death

A prophet who predicted the death of President Buhari has come under attack from Nigerians on social media for his prophecy. The Nigerians who commented also used the avenue to vent their anger on pastors and prophets generally calling them liars and fraudsters

They urged other Nigerians not to be deceived by the words of prophets and pastors.

Nigerians have reacted negatively to the prophesy of death uttered by an Asaba-based prophet who claimed that President Muhammadu Buhari will die before the end of 2019.

In his New Year prophesy declaration, Prophet Emmanuel Chukwudi of Kings Deliverance Church, predicted death of the president before 2019 run outs.

The prophesy generated a lot of controversy on social media and has seen many Nigerians come out to attack the prophet, branding him a fake prophet.

Consequently, Nigerians also used the avenue to attack all other prophets and pastors, branding them as fakes and fraudsters for their incessant prophesies.

Mohammed Mukhtar Musa, a Facebook user, in his reaction, said:

“I wonder how some people are so brainless that they listen to various lies from people who call themselves prophets. Really it is only in Nigeria that we have fools, brainless and illiterate people that have interest in listening to such lies. It is very unfortunate that some idiot even agree with such lies.”

Another user, Emma Itodo Abu, on his side noted that:

“They are not prophets, those are the signs of end time, because Jesus said it in the bible that on the last day, many false prophet will come in my name saying, am this, but you should always pray hard so that you will not fall into their trap. Mind you, not all those who say lord, Lord shall enter the kingdom of God, but he that does the will of my father who is in heaven.”

Onaiwu Kelly Erhabor said:

“All rubbish prophecies, at the end of 2015 they all prophesied that a Nigeria former president will die, non-died although we were expecting it to happen because of the way they destroyed the country.”

Yomi Onabule on his part said:

“One of the reasons why Naija is so messed up is that we have too many sick people in our country. All they just do, is run their gruffly lousy mouth’s so that they can be known & gain cheap fame. The biggest problem now is, how can we get out of this economic crisis. Instead of all these fake prophecy, that has never ever move Nigeria forward.

Yusuff Quadri urged Nigerians not to be deceived:

“Stop what you are doing and use your brain…if all these prophesies from all these men of God are truly from God , why are they not the same…SMH…sometimes I wonder why these miss yarning are not punishable by law….How can you open your mouth and prophesy death to someone?”

Yakubu Jibril added that:

“This is another lie from satanic kingdom. There is no doubt that this is one of d false prophets of this generation and the Holy Bible says, no sinner or wicked man shall go unpunished.”

Augustine Audu noted:

“Why are people so dubious and fetish for God’s sake? Can all these prophets claiming to prophesy to PMB tell Nigerians on what mountain and valley they met God to discuss PMB last moment on earth and the specific date, month and the year that God informed them”, he said.



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