Review Of The HTC U11 Life Android One

Review Of The HTC U11 Life Android One

Some have said that HTC is no longer producing phones again in the market. That seems very untrue as this HTC U11 Life phone is one of its kind. It has been compared to the Google Pixel 2 phone.

This U11 Life Android One device runs on a stock+version of Andriod Oreo programme and a great sense of HTC USonic audio turning. The operating system of the device is really good as it has a Google Android one programme for two years.

The device is very silky as it comes with a Gorilla glass that makes it very difficult to get broken. The device also comes with a fingerprint scanner, but as expensive as some other devices like the Samsung S8 or the likes. It also comes with the conventional USB Type-C charging cable or headphone.

It makes use of a nano-SIM and expandable memory space of 32 or 64GB inbuilt. The U11 Life phone supports the Bluetooth 5 latest upgrade of phones and also has a bandwidth of 600Mbites/second and upload of 75Mbites/s. Well, several countries cannot even boast of this type of upload or download.

It has a 5.2 inch Full HD display and makes the quality of display fascinating. The battery life is not really fascinating as it is just 2600 mAh cell. This can take you all day with a full work on screen work and then can assist you with not charging your phone every second.

The phone camera is also okay as it is just some 16MP that can capture clear and brighter than several 16MP phones in the market.

Be rest assured that making use of this phone would be a thing of delight to you. Why don’t you get this phone and get back to us on how the new HTC U11 device as performed.

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