Rivers rerun: APC Captures More Seats as INEC Releases More Results

The All Progressives Congress (APC) is leading in the legislative rerun election in Rivers state, while there are controversies in areas where the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) is performing well.

An aggregate of 21 seats were challenged in the decision – three in the senate, eight at the place of delegates and 10 at the state place of get together.

In this way, the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has discharged the consequence of one senatorial locale, three government voting demographics and five state bodies electorate, making nine on the whole.

Of the nine, TheCable has possessed the capacity to accumulate seven outcomes. PDP has won two seats, while its rival has won the staying five.

In Okrika Ogu/Bolo government supporters, Okwulehie Ikechukwu, the returning officer, pronounced Gogo Tamuno of the PDP champ, saying he surveyed 11,668 votes to overcome Maureen Tamuno of the APC, who secured 5,995 votes.

Khana/Gokana government voting public

In Khana/Gokana government voting public, Maurice Pronen surveyed 68,219 votes to vanquish Dumnamene Dekor, his PDP rival, who secured 20,329 votes.

With 48,760 votes, Barry Mpigi of the APC vanquished Jacobson Nbina of the PDP match, who had 11,737 votes in Tai/Oyigbo/Eleme government voting demographic.

In Khana state voting public 2, Friday Nkeeh of the APC crushed Dinebari Loolo of the PDP. Nkeeh got 15,000 votes, while his rival surveyed 4,000 votes.

Bonny state voting public

In Bonny state voting public, Abinye Pepple of the PDP surveyed 6,610 votes to thrashing APC’s Henry Halliday, who came next with 2330 votes.

With 24,624 votes, Innocent Barikor of APC won Gokana state body electorate.

While Magnus Abe of the APC secured 125,938 votes to crush Olaka Nwogu of the PDP, who secured 25,394 votes in Rivers east senatorial locale.

Official consequences of Rivers east and Rivers west senatorial regions are yet to be discharged, however comes about streaming in from the surveying units demonstrate the PDP driving in the zones.

In Rivers east, aftereffects of everything except two of the eight nearby governments, have been proclaimed, with PDP winning.

Starting 5:25am on Sunday when grouping was suspended, George Sekibo of the PDP was driving Andrew Uchendu of APC by 49,937 votes. While Sekibo surveyed a sum of 77,691 votes, Uchendu figured out how to secure 27,754.




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