Samsung Galaxy S8 Could Come in Both Male and Female Versions

There are reports that Samsung’s next lead gadget, the Galaxy S8 would come in both male and female variations.

Gossipy tidbits say the telephone would accompany Viv AI Assistant, a shrewd advanced sidekick created by the US AI startup Viv Labs which was procured by Samsung a month ago.

As indicated by Galaxy Club Samsung has recently documented some new trademark applications with the European Union Intellectual Property Office. The filings recommend Samsung has been building up a technique to process installments utilizing voice charges.

This innovation is codenamed Bixby Pay which specifically interfaces it to Bixby, a claimed name for the Galaxy S8 Viv AI. Discussing names, it’s conceivable Bixby may be a half of the Galaxy S8 AI as another trademark applications recommend that this advanced partner will deliver in both male and female adaptations, with the last one purportedly called Kestra.


The filings depict Bixby and Kestra as programming intended to control a cell phone with voice orders and universally useful programming for preparing voice orders.

In spite of the fact that this is all equitable hypothesis, it could however turn out that Bixby and Kestra will both be delivery with the Galaxy S8.



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