Signs of infection to be cautious of after a C-section

Signs of infection to be cautious of after a C-section

It is important to follow instructions given to you by your doctor to avoid any problems. If you experience any funny feeling it best to report to your doctor to avoid major crisis. It is advisable to know what is normal to experience after a c-section and what not to expect.

Here are what to watch out for:

What to expect:
Pain around the area
Since C-section is a major surgery where layers of tissues are cut and penetrated to reach the uterus it is normal for you to experience little pain after the surgery. This pain can be subdue with painkillers.

Dryness around the area
A little dryness could occur as the scar heals however it should not come with pain. Medicated creams prescribed to keep the area clean can eliminate this kind of dryness.

Itching is accompanied with dryness as the scar heals. However, be careful not to itch so hard to avoid reopen and bleeding of the scar.

Most overweight women usually have the incision below the fold of their skin, which might cause a lot of sweating around that area. It absolutely normal to have some sweat around the scar.

What not to expect:
Unbearable pain
It is normal to feel a little pain but if the pain becomes unbearable and unable to sit or move you should go see your doctor to take a look at the incision.

Swelling is one of the signs of internal infection that needs to be checked as soon as possible.

If blood is coming out of the scar then it is a sign of emergency. It could also mean a sign of reopening of the scar that needs urgent medical attention.

Fever could indicate an infection. Especially if the fever comes together with swelling and pain around the area of the incision.

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