What do you do With Someone Who is Not Ready for “Relationship” Should You wait or Not? Find Out Here.

What do you do With Someone Who is Not Ready for “Relationship” Should You wait or Not? Find Out Here.

Being in a relationship with someone you love and your love is been reciprocate is said to be the best thing that can happen to you also, being in a relationship with the wrong person is the worst thing that can ever happen to you. There is always that pint in life when everyone has fallen in love with the wrong person. However, those that got them-self up and move on are regarded as the strong ones.

If you are in a relationship with someone you think is not ready to be serious, the problem might not entirely be from partner but the from the both of you. Being ‘ready’ could mean going into marriage or taking the relationship to the next level.

When you started dating, it was nothing serious and you were cool with it but years has passed and the relationship is not moving forward neither is it moving backward just stagnant.

Some people just put an end to relationship if their partner seem nit to be serious while some continue to hope for the best. The truth is if you think your partner is not ready and you break up searching for another person that seem ready, at the end of the day, you end up with bruises all over your body because you feel for the person who was not ready again and cuts all over your heart.

There are things attached to it if probably he says he is not ready:

The first one is you are who you attract
If your partner tells you they are not ready it also mean you are not ready too. Turning yourself to a victim makes you a beggar for love. It means you don’t deserve love. You are trying to make someone buy your wounded self, someone that will always save you from yourself. That maybe why your partner is not ready. Maybe they are not ready to shoulder your feelings.

Love yourself
For things to work out you need to love yourself deeply. No one can love you more than yourself. You might break up because of your insecurities issues or for the fear of losing that person. You don’t need any reassurance of love from your partner if you are fully and blindly in love with yourself.

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