How to tell if your ex wants you back after a breakup

In regard to reunion in broken relationships, there are many cases, but two most common cases are: one person still likes the other person but still does not want to get back with them; one person still thinks about the other person and wants to get back together. When your ex thinks about getting back together, he/she will react totally differently.

Dating Dilemma

Once your ex still likes you, they will avoid dating another person at least for a long while. And, if they go out on a date with someone else, they will try to tell your friends not to tell you or they will try to cover it up.

A possible reason behind this case is that you still occupy their own heart and they are always waiting for you.

The Frequency Of Contact

The frequency of contact between you and your ex might also mean something more. How often your ex contacts you is one of possible signs your ex wants you back. Someone who still likes you and wants you in their lives will try to keep in contact. If your ex keeps in touch after the breakup, it is a big sign to watch for. If your ex wants you back, they will call more often than a normal friend. In some cases, an ex even just simply calls you and holds the phone without saying anything just in order to listen to you breathing. Even if your ex has not initiated the contact yet, this does not mean it is over. After a breakup, there is a short period of mourning.

They Talk About What Went Wrong In Your Relationship

This seems to be a subtle signal among many signs your ex wants you back. This sign means talking about the relationship, not blame on each other. After a breakup, two people always talk about what went wrong and try to blame one another for the failure of the relationship. You could understand the difference between the one who genuinely wants to figure out what went wrong in the relationship so they can improve their upcoming relationships and the one who only wants to blame their ex just to make themselves better in the eyes of the ex.

If your ex calls you sometime and talks about the mistakes they made in your relationship and how things could be different if they can change for the sake of the relationship earlier, then it is one of signs your ex wants you back.



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