Things your friends will never tell you about your relationship

Things your friends will never tell you about your relationship

There is a time when you just need to make some decisions in your relationship but you need someone that will spell it out to you without holding any words back or afraid of pointing out certain corrections you need to make. Your friends and families may not give you the kind of sincere advise you need maybe because of fear of ruining your relationship.

Here are few things you should not expect to hear from your friends:

What you say about your partner
Saying things to relieve yourself is normal. However, talking about your partner’s mistakes and presenting yourself as the perfect party is destructive. It not advisable for anyone to talk behind their partner’s back especially their bad sides. You may feel relieved when talking about it to others but it only stop you from working things out with your spouse.

Your in-laws
No matter how close you are to your mother, father and siblings there should be a limit to what you tell your family. You and your spouse are family now. Give your marriage all you’ve got and make your partner your priority not your family.

Don’t try and change your partner
Change is something that comes from within not something you impose on someone. If there is something you don’t like about your partner, those things are not likely to change even if the relationship is taken to the next level. People won’t change unless they are prepared to take responsibility for their actions.

You need to stop complaining
Your spouse may be finding it difficult to come home after work maybe because you complain a lot. Unknowingly, you may start to pick on every little thing they do. Instead of complaining, work on how you both can improve your relationship.

You say nothing nice about your partner
You need to start asking yourself why you are still in the relationship if you never say anything nice about your partner and you are always complaining about everything they do. Your relationship may be in need of help than you ever imagined.

Your whole life is your marriage
This only means to get a life aside your marriage. Couples don;t even know what they want or the kind of life they would have lived aside their marriage. Spend some time alone what do you like, where do you love to go, what is that thing you really love doing?

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