Things women notice when choosing a guy they want to marry

Things women notice when choosing a guy they want to marry

Marriage is a two way thing, the same way a guy notice what he wants in a woman is the same way a woman notice what she wants in a guy. Frankly speaking, there is a man you date and a man you marry.
Guys can and do end up getting rejected as marriage material quite often. Most guys automatically assume they know what a woman wants in a man. But they tend to assume wrongly.

Here are things a woman tend to notice in a man she wants to marry

His career is important and not just about money
Surprisingly, men with a good career are presume to be marriage material compared to the lazy ones. Reason is being able to afford a nice lifestyle means that there will be less trouble when it comes to financial issues. Also, having a good career means a man had drive and won’t be a problem in the long run.

His overall life plan is huge
Wise women don’t marry men who want something entirely different in life. Sometimes this women try to convince their men to rethink their choices.

They want a personality that goes with theirs
If you are a guy who want a relationship resulting into marriage and you have a good career, look decent, chances are high that the reason why you are single is due to your personality and less effort you are putting into finding the right one for you.

Emotional stability

If a guy clearly has rage issues , most women will steer clear of him, especially during those first few dates. This is the reason why guys who have a reputation for being unstable do not tend to work out well in relationships. No woman want to go through this.

Attitude and character is very important

Its not an easy thing to always deal with man that always bitter, depressed and angry. Most women want someone they can depend on, and someone who has an honest character.

Good looks are also important, but it’s far from the most important thing
A lot of women want a good-looking man. Because attraction does matter, and if you’re not attracted to your spouse, you will probably be in for a bad time.

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