Ladies Talk: How to make a guy jealous Tricks that Works Like Magic

Want to make a certain man  jealous? Maybe he is your ex, a guy that you think he cares about you or even your lover, use these top 9 tips on how to make a guy jealous to get his attention effortlessly.

Pretend To Be Busy

This is one of the most effective tips on how to make a guy jealous. After many days of being busy, he finally decides that he wants to hang out with you and be free enough for you. In that case, you should not jump on in it. Actually, do the opposite that you pretend you are busy. Besides, if you want to make him more jealous, keep your own plans mysterious.

Avoid Responding To Him Immediately

If you want to make a certain important guy jealous, you could be needy. This fact means that when he texts you or calls you, you absolutely do not respond instantly. Wait anytime between 30 minutes and 4 hours to respond. However, any long amount of time than that might be a plain rude. If you are not really busy doing something, it is recommended to have a 30 minute wait to keep the guy on his toes. When you respond, keep the conversation brief. You could check out some communication tips for couples to make your conversations more interesting.

Act Like You Don’t Care

When it comes to learning how to make a guy jealous, ignoring is among most useful tips. Sometimes, human natural is so weird. That means, why do you suddenly want something or someone more when you could not have  it or they simply do not want us back? That sounds ridiculous, yet that is the way the human nature sometimes can be. Assuming that you have been trying to get a guy’s attention for many times and every text you send or all flirty comments you make is brushed and ignored like it really does not matter. Have your tried doing this in the opposite? You can make him jealous by not sending hit text messages, and act as if he does not exist. Try not looking at him, and when he comes up to talk to you, you can act like it does not matter. A simple smile and some short words before having somewhere else to be. This will make him realize what he lost.

Flirt With Other Men And Revealing Clothes

If the guy does not get the attention, but someone else is. That is the bound to make the guy ferociously jealous. However, with this tip, you should be careful. You do not want to take the flirting overboard, and make it look like you are a bit of a floozy. Just simply keep it casual and simple. Laugh with other guys and touch their arm. Tell other guys that they look good their shirts and ask them if they have been working out. Do nothing overboard, but all comments that flatter another guy other than the one you are trying to make jealous.

Another tip is to wear revealing clothes when you are going out with other guys, yet dress conservatively when going party with your own guy.

Look Amazing

The first one in the list tips on how to make a guy jealous is to take a good look at yourself. Let me ask you a question: what was the last time you had a sexy hair cut? Just simply get an appointment with the hair salon for your body wax, manicure, and a pedicure. You could not make anyone jealous and pay attention to you if you look like a yellow toothed gorilla. Just add some color to the hair and look healthy, clean, and read to take on the world

Use Social Media

The last tip on how to make a guy jealous is using social media. Social media is a helpful tool for a lot of great things. I mean, you could find your best friend from preschool, you could use it to sell your new weight loss product, or to create a cool horror movie fan club group in which everyone can share their favorite scenes of the most gory films. So, why don’t you use it as a tool to make that guy jealous? Some suggestions are:

  • Post a hot picture
  • Post a picture of you and your friends having fun
  • Post a picture of you and the other guy
  • Post a status about how memorable your night was, yet keep the details mysterious
  • Comment and like on another guy’s statuses and pictures; just do not go overboard.

These are top 9 tips on how to make a guy jealous that you can make use of. Just consider and use them now to see how they magically work for you.

Ladies, what are some tricks you have used to know how to make a guy jealous? Did they work?



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