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3 Types Of Men Who Never Fail To Keep In Touch

Some men will forever keep checking up on you.

However, more often than not, it may be for an ulterior motive. While some men are genuine, others are looking for something, something it seems, that keeps them coming back. They disappear for a bit, and then just like that they are back texting or calling, while others never seem to disappear but simply hover, waiting for the perfect time to strike.

Here are 3 types of men who never fail to keep in touch;
1. A man who you promised sex.

It’s either you promised them sex, a guy who you haven’t given ‘the opportunity’, will continue to try again and again to win you over. Or you’ve had sex before and they’re coming back for seconds. They liked the P, and they want a few more rounds, so they’ll always check up on you and see when they can grasp their next opportunity.

2. A man who genuinely likes or loves you.

A guy whose got a crush on you or better still, loves you will always find a way to keep in touch or start a conversation. They crave your attention so they’ll do as much as they can to see you. Or it can be a good friend who you usually talk to.

3. An ex boyfriend or friend who is nosy about what you’re up-to.

A guy who is curious about how you are fairing on, and may have previously had a fascination for you may once in a while hit you up to see how things are going.

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