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4 Couple Activities That Protect Against Divorce

A strong and healthy marriage is not established in a magical way, from one day to the next, it is built day by day.

This is a sad reality because it shows that many couples face problems that are not solved. No one gets married to divorce later, the intention is for marriage to be eternal. So, I bring in this article ideas of activities for you to do as a couple that will strengthen your union, and that can, yes, protect you against divorce.

1. Eating together

Eating together is a simple and effective habit. In the old days it was a tradition for everyone to go to the kitchen the moment the father or mother announced that the meal was ready, and during the meal, each member of the family told about their day, and no one left the table before everyone finished eating.

These days it is difficult to find this, everyone has many tasks and often the routine of each member of the family is different. However, it is worth striving and maintaining this tradition, especially between the couple, even if periodically.

2. Dialogue

I always like to say that when the dialogue is over, the relationship ends. Talking is a yes activity, and if necessary, mark in your schedule a moment each day to talk to and with your spouse.

3. Spend one night a week together as a couple

You need to do this: dedicate one night a week as a couple. Do not necessarily go out to stroll or dine in a restaurant, the simple things also matter, sometimes even more. That night, you can watch a movie at home, cook together, or even have a moment alone, you decide! Every couple needs to strengthen love and unity, this is indispensable.

4. Spend one night a week for the family

After the couple’s evening, you need to dedicate a night to the family. Have you children? Perfect! You can share a thought, a message, sing together, play a joke and snack. That’s a great idea, is not it? Strengthening love and family unity and giving good teachings to the children is also important for the couple, because it is always good to remember that it is in our home that we feel happiness, and we find peace and protection.

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