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5 Scientific Steps to Avoid Divorce

I try to study a lot to be able to do my best to help couples who are looking for ways to stop their intense conflicts. It is challenging to realize that love still exists. In this way, I come across studies that can help even couples who, for some reason, do not count on the help of professionals.

This post below will show some good research about what people have said about divorce, and ways that as a couple you can prevent it to the barest minimum.

1. Be economical
Jason Carroll, a professor who worked with 1,734 couples and found that couples who do not value money have greater instability in the relationship. According to the professor, financial issues complicate communication and reduce the ability to manage conflicts between the spouses.

Other studies correlate the economic crises with the increase of divorces, facts that reaffirm the aforementioned study. It has long been said that: “When hunger comes through the door, love comes out the window.” Couples who seek balance in finances are therefore more likely not to go through the suffering of divorce.

2. Encourage your spouse professionally
Stephanie Coontz is a scholar of family history and studies who has written extensively about marriage in the United States. According to her, the divorce rate tends to “be lower in states where more than 70% of married women work outside the home.” Working outside the home says Coontz, is also good for a couple’s sex life.

Another recent study by a Research Center also states that the working life of wives is beneficial to marriages. This study showed that changes in marriages, specifically, men taking on more household chores and women earning more out of the home, contributed to lower divorce rates.

3. Make room for your spouse
Many couples believe that it is best to always do everything together, but having separate activities can be very good for the harmony of the relationship. This is the main message of Iris Krasnow’s new book, “The Secret Lives of Wives,” which is based on interviews with more than 200 women from different educational, social and economic backgrounds, all in long-term marriages.

Before seeking satisfaction in the relationship it is necessary for both spouses to seek their own satisfaction. People with good self-esteem are able to promote happy marriages.

4. Have sex
According to a recent study published in the US, couples who are dissatisfied with their sex life are more likely to consider divorce and call their marriage “unhappy.” Wolf, author of the article quoted in the article, reaffirms what many other studies prove: sex is of great importance, especially for long-term relationships.

5. Practice small, recognizable actions
A health blogger, reveals that much research shows that the key determinants of happy and enduring marriages are actually small, tangible things like having at least five positive interactions for each negative interaction. Touching, smiling and praising are examples of small actions that produce great results. The blogger points out that the way you treat your partner for the first three minutes after a fight is also of great relevance.

Divorce can happen to any couple, but it’s not something you crave. People marry longing for a happy and lasting relationship, so it pays to strive to do their best.

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