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Divorce Drama! Beyonce Drops Jay Z’s Last Name!

Beyonce’s name is no longer “Beyonce Knowles-Carter,” The queen is dropping her husband’s last name.

Beyonce changed her last name legally to “Knowles-Carter” just a few months after she and Jay Z got married. And she kept the name – up until now.

A few months ago, Beyonce started going by her maiden name, and that’s causing speculation among those around the couple. Some are even speculating that she and Jay Z may be having marriage problems again.

Beyonce and Jay Z went through a difficult point in their marriage – when she caught her husband cheating on her with multiple women. At the time, Beyonce claims that she considered divorce.

But the couple seemed to have moved past all that . . . but maybe they didn’t.

And MTO News receipts to go along with this report. Beyonce recently registered three new songs with ASCAP. And none of them feature “Knowles-Carter”.

Since her marriage, her music is always credited with her full name. Now its just Beyonce Knowles. The track titled Miss. Melanin, referring to an unmarried women, is interesting too!

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“My Body”

(Writers: Crystal Johnson, Beyoncé Knowles, Tony Reyes, Alonzo Stevenson)


(Writers: Solána Rowe, James Blake Litherland, Beyoncé Knowles)

“Miss Melanin”

(Writers: Beyoncé Knowles, Khaled Mohamed Khaled, Amber Denise Streeter, Ingrid Burley)

And look at the last title – “Miss Melanin.” Shouldn’t that be “Mrs Melanin,” if she’s a married woman???

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