How to Cheat on your partner in 2020 Without Getting Caught

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We all know the popular saying that Karma is a BITCH, but really come to think of it, is karma really a BITCH in 2020?

Take a very good look around you, can you really prove that Karma is a BITCH, I don’t know if you but this is 2020,

We live in a time and age where the victor is now the giant, it used to be the other way round, like we all know there is one thing in life that is constant and that is change, I’m very sure we all can agree on that.

So if change is constant could it be that Karma has changed, like I said we live in a time and age where the victor is now the giant, bad people get away with their evil did,

the wicked now sleeps well at night, before it use to be no peace for the wicked mind, but now I tell you the wicked are the ones living the most peaceful life you can ever think of.

I’m sure you can now agree with me that Karma is no longer a BITCH.

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From the title give away I will be sharing with you how to cheat on your partner in 2020 and not get caught or should I say never get caught,

l do like you to watch this video till the end and at the end, do leave me a comment in the comment box because if you follow the steps I will be sharing with you on this video, trust me you will become a professional cheater overnight

I do like you to relax, grab your popcorn, seat back and enjoy today’s video.

I’m not only going to share with you how to get away with cheating or how to cheat on your partner in 2020 and never get caught but I will also be sharing with you how to find someone to have an affair with.

By default we don’t like talking about things we do in secrets, it is just natural for us to not talk about them
I personally do not believe in the systematic belief or idea of one man one woman.

I believe our hearts are big enough to accommodate as many people as it can when it comes to love and relationships.

You may often wonder how can a person be unfaithful to their partners, how can someone cheat on the person they love.

If a person cheats on his or her partner that means he or she doesn’t love their partners anymore, that sounds right but it is not true.

For those of you in relationships, at a point in your life you have desired in your heart to have affairs with someone other than your partner and if you have not trust me it just a matter of time you will.

On the other hand a lot of you have cheated on your partner some of you got a way with it but a lot of us didn’t

Before I continue I do like to say cheating on your partner does not mean, you stop loving them or you don’t love them anymore, no it doesn’t change your feelings for them in any way or form.

The desire to have affairs with other people is a part of us that we have failed to acknowledge and it not your fault, it just like religion and the belief of God, these are things we were taught as kids by the society and we grew up with them without asking questions so it has become the norm for us.

The good news is today I’m going to be sharing with you how to embrace who you really are, how to cheat and not get caught, I wish there is a better word I can use instead of the word cheating, because I don’t consider it as cheating

I will start with the top three rules for anyone that wants to have affairs with someone else other than your partner


You need to know that the society will condemn and judge you if they find out that you are having affairs with some else other than your partner, so keep your mouth shut, this is not something you brag about with your mates, make it strictly business, if possible I will advise you to sign an agreement with the person you are going to cheat on your partner with, never to disclose your affairs with them with anyone.

So keep it strictly business, you don’t have to disclose your personal details with anyone, keep your house address and where you live to yourself the other person doesn’t have to know your workplace or even your real name.

Because they can turn out to use this against you and of course the society will condemn and judge you. And you will be tagged a cheater.

Secure your phone with your life.

Gentlemen and the other genders, if you know you’re ready to play the game of fun you must keep your phone on you at all times, I repeat keep your phone on you at all times.
Many people make this mistake; they keep their phones carelessly, some people don’t even encrypt their phones.
Now let me help you here, this may not play well for you, when you become over protective of your phone your partner will begin to suspect you and trust me you don’t want that to happen to you.

So what then do you do?

If you get number 1 right you won’t have to worry yourself of this, it can easily be taken care of, all you have to do is to change the name of the person you are cheating on your partner with to something else.

Do not change it with anything funny or suspicious or any family name, like landlord, doctor you know all those funny names, use a regular person’s name but it should not be the actual name.

Again you don’t always have to call the person or chat the person all the time, keep it strictly business, the only time you should call is only when you want to meet with the person and after the call delete the call log, leave no trash at all.

Again if you didn’t not follow what I mentioned in number 1 just know that what I just said will not work for you but there is no need to panic.

Stay with me. I still have some information for you.

Now another thing you can do is not to save the number of your cheating partner on your phone, you have to know the number off heart or jot it down somewhere safe, a tiny card will do great just get a tiny card where you have the number you can have that in your wallet.

Remember after every call you must clear the call log and after every whatsapp chat you must clear all the conversation between you two.

Once you don’t have the number saved on your phone with no previous conversation between you two, even when a new message, chat or call drops and your main partner gets to see it

You can easily deny it, and they can’t hold you to it because they don’t have any proof.

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Number 3 on my list DO IT FAR AWAY FROM HOME

This is equally as important as number one, remember you are playing a very dirty game that the society and everyone you know condemns.

And I’m sure you don’t want to be judged and tagged as a cheater so you must apply wisdom when playing this game, so make sure that whatever you are doing is far away from home.

Some people will tell you to cheat with strangers, but trust me if only you can follow these simple rules, you can cheat with anyone and get away with it, I know of people that still sleeps with their wives sister with her knowing, I know of people that sleeps with the personal assistants and secretary without anyone knowing,

I know of people that sleep with two sisters from the same parents without any of them knowing.

All you need do is to apply wisdom while playing the game.

Gone are those days your partner will tell you the lips stick on your collar is not her color, if you have to change clothes get a change of clothes, you can drop the other one at the dry cleaner before getting home to your partner.

Just make sure you don’t leave any trash.

Gentlemen and the other genders we have come to the end of today’s video and peruse, I will be giving you a bonus tips for staying with me till this point
before I go into the bonus let me just do a quick recap

number one i said keep your mouth shut
number two secure your phone with your life and number three, do it far away from home

now here is the bonus


This is 2020 and it amazes me how a lot of people still don’t know that the best way to stay clean without a trace is by dealing with cash, I know technology has made things easier but don’t let that fool you into doing transactions with online when cheating on your partner, this will make it easier for anyone to track you and you are someone that shares joint account with your partner they can easily know your movements.

So try as much as possible to avoid every form of online transaction, always transact with cash, even when you want to pay for the hotel, uber, food everything should be done with cash.

Thank you for watching today’s video.

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Till next video my name is Prince Vee

Peace out and may the force be

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