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How to leave a relationship elegantly and never look back

When its glaring to both partners or one of them that their relationship is over, the pain of breaking up and moving on can be overwhelming or impossible. You can leave a relationship and still stand your ground even when you feel weak. Even after a breakup, women still find themselves obsessed with their partner’s welfare.

Here are few ways you can move on without regrets

Separate the facts from your stories
When you were in the relationship, there are facts known to the both of you and there are stories you made up about what is going on and what it would mean if the relationship was over. If you think you are tied to the relationship, the fact is the both of you want different things in life and haven’t been able to find a common ground on which to build your future. But you think if only your partner could see things your way the relationship would work. Moreover, you become free when you concentrate more on the facts.

Be calm
During a breakup, there are different thoughts racing your mind. What you need right now is fresh thinking and thinking about the same issue over again won’t help. Try taking our mind off the breakup. You get insight into the next step when your mind is calm.

Focus on the possibilities of your bright future
When you are able to focus on what you want in your future instead of what went wrong in the past, you’ll be able to move on as you transition with much more ease and less upset and regret. Even though it best for you to grief, still don’t take all of our time to grief and wallow in your sadness. Take note of what brings you joy and happiness and do more of it. When you start to see possibilities for your future, you won’t be dragged back to the past.

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