How to make your man Afraid of losing you

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I know a lot of you will see this as been manipulative no one loves a manipulative person, I personally consider manipulation as a cousin to witchcraft, the reason why I had to stress on this is to let you know that this is not in any way a move to manipulate your man.

One thing you need to know is that life is not balance and because of that you have to do what you have to do to survive….

there comes a time when the love of your life stops treating you like the angel he use to treat you like,

And the only way you can get him back is by making him afraid of losing you.

I’m pretty sure there comes a time in a woman’s life where she feels like her man is taking her for granted.

Don’t you think it will be nice to make him worry about the relationship even if it’s just for once by making him worry that he might be losing you?

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From the video title give away I will be sharing with you HOW TO MAKE YOUR MAN AFRAID OF LOSING YOU

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One of The ultimate power in a relationship is knowing that someone misses you and is afraid of losing you to anything or anyone.

In the beginning of this video I said manipulation is a cousin to witchcraft so be careful not to manipulate your man with the things you are going to learn in this video.

We all know the beginning of a relationship is always great, once the relationship is fresh it so easy to assume that the other person is always going to be there for us.

So we don’t worry of losing them, this is the period where we have peace, security and also a very stable relationship.

As the relationship gets older, things begin to fall apart, We start having problems when the guy doesn’t tell you where he is, what he is doing, the person he is with and blah blah blah blah.

This is where you start feeling unsure and insecure and if there is one thing that would make you happy, it’s knowing how to make him afraid of losing you…

What I will be sharing with you on this video is not going to be as easy as you thought it will be,

If you don’t do it well just know it will back fire on you or at you which ever one you sha get the point I’m making.

So If you don’t have the mind for it just stop this video and go and watch something else, because you may become more desperate and helpless…

You don’t have to worry or go watch something else I got some good news for you.

There are smart ways you can make your man worry about you keep watching and follow some of the tips.

Trust me they can help you to succeed with your plan and show your man what he will lose if he continues to behave like he does.

When you start to focus on your independent social life, you’re sending a direct indirect message to your man

A lot of women get this wrong, when a women feels like the love boat of her relationship is sinking, the next thing she does is to try to make her man chase after her again

And she thinks the solution to this is by looking good for the man, my dear this is 2020 those old game doesn’t work anymore.

Be real to yourself and not act like everything is good when you’re dying inside of you.

You deserve a good life and you should get, in fact everyone deserves a good life and the only way to achieve this, is by making yourself happy.

Get out and socialize, meet new people, take a vacation if you have the money, just do all you can to have fun!

Many women do not know this but many men find this attractive, you should never stop I repeat never stop having fun because you are dating someone.

This is the time you need to have an active independent social life, this have a way of improving your relationship.

To have a healthy relationship and to keep both of you sane, you all need to have different interests, different hobbies and different friends even if you have been dating for years or even married.


You’re asking yourself, Mr Outsider how is this going to make my man afraid of losing me don’t worry I have an answer for you.

To make a man afraid all you need do is to create fear, that is why we have heaven and hell so people can fear not doing evil

Fear is a very powerful weapon and people tend to fear what they don’t understand and what they don’t know.

If you’re going to give up everything about your life so you can spend all your time with your man, trust me when I say he is going to get tired of you and finally he will pull you away.

Remember the saying that says too much of everything is not good.

If you have an active social life away from your man he get nervous and insecure. And the next thing that follows it is for him to fix his time so he can spend some time together with you.

Another way to make your man afraid of losing you is to…

By now if you are following my channel you will know that I will never tell you not to cheat, in fact I did a video on how to cheat on your partner in 2020 and not get caught so I’m not against cheating.

But this does not have anything to do with cheating on your part.

It is the nature of women to flirt we all know that, you need to know there is nothing wrong with flirting.

Flirting does not make you a slut. When a woman is flirting she is only telling her man that her subscription is up for renewal, this is just a gentle way to remind him that you are not a possession or a piece of land.

I see a lot of women suffering and crying over a guy and the only reason why that can happen to you is because you don’t know your value as a lady so if you’re feeling weird about this, like you are one mean, naughty, bad girl.

Sweet heart go and splash some water on your face and come back and continue watching this video.

Let me tell you what you don’t know

When a woman make herself too available and work too hard to make her man or keep her man happy she will end up as a doormat.

The man will never see her value and will always take her for granted.

I don’t want that to happen to you my dear…

When your man starts acting up do not let him treat you like a piece of property go flirt with other guys by doing so you will reboot his brain.

THIS one might sound weird or meant seems impossible to do or think of, but trust me this will make your man very uncomfortable if you can do it.


Just imagine telling your man that you are going out to some interesting place for a weekend hangout with friends.

The first thing that will come to his mind is what you will be doing there without him,

if you want to drive him crazy tell him that some guys from your office will be joining the party.

He is going to be thinking why he is not invited and he will be thinking if any of those guys will to do try something funny with you.

Again you are wondering how this will make afraid of losing you?

Your man knows fully well what happens in any party with lot of alcohol and you know what happens when we are high, so you will leave him worried that you will cheat on him.

This is a wake-up call for him but most importantly he will be aware that your life and happiness doesn’t depend on him.

The worse thing a person can do to him or herself is to give the key to their happiness to someone else.

There is an adage that says it’s easy to preach a sermon with your life than by just using your lips…

We only got one life to live, the actions we take today can change our life for good or break it.

A relationship is not bondage…

The next thing to do to make your man to be afraid of losing you is…

This is another way to make your man afraid of losing you, surprise him with new sex moves,

I once had a boss that doesn’t like surprised and I have had a lot of people that doesn’t like surprised but I really don’t believe there is anyone on earth that doesn’t like surprises..

My point here is, you should try to make some changes in the bedroom.

If you can do that you will leave him thinking and wondering where did she learn all these moves and he will be surprised by how well you are doing it….

And boom you will have him thinking about something he won’t want to tell or ask you.

You will noticed some changes from him and if you try to find out why he will change the topic…

But trust me when I say your man worried as hell, he is wondering if you learned all those moves with another man and that feeling will be kill him inside.

Now is the time for him to start thinking about you and his behavior lately…

And once he realizes that he made a mistake and that he neglected you, he will try to change his behavior and to make you a happy fulfilled woman because he will not want to lose you.

I really want to say a very big thank you if you’re still watching this video, please do share this video with your girlfriends if you find it helpful…

Finally if you want to make your man afraid of losing you….

You need to know that Guys get really tired of clingy and needy girlfriends at a very short notice.

If you want to make him afraid of losing you DON”T ANSWER HIS MESSAGES RIGHT AWAY.

Don’t let things get too easy in your relationship, it’s very easy to make someone wonder what you’re up to…

Do you remember the last time you forget your friends birthday, or the day you missed that important event your girlfriend invited you to… can you remember that your absence was noticed.

It was not intentional, you had no plans to miss the party or your friends favorite day of the year but you felt the impact….

Now my point here is you have to intentionally forget about your man a little bit and make him wonder what’s going on with you.

You need to constantly remind your man that your life is not built all around him…

This will make him know that you are not always available every time he thinks of you and that he needs to go the extra mile if he wants to keep you in his life.

If you can do this, trust me when I say you will see that your relationship will improve.

In every relationship, there comes a point when you feel taken for granted, sometimes you are not sure if he loves you the same way that you love him, other times you feel less appreciated.

It not a cool feeling to have but it a normal feeling, now this is where you have to stand up for yourself and change things yourself by showing your man an alternative universe without you in it.

You have to show him you can handle yourself and you don’t need him in your life in order to function… make him worry a bit and afraid of losing you.

This will get him to make some effort to keep you by his side.

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