Janet Jackson declares support for Nigeria’s ‘brave’ #EndSARS campaigners’

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United States music star, Janet Jackson, on Thursday, joined top personalities worldwide who have supported Nigerian #EndSARS campaigners in their bid to end police brutality in the country.

Jackson, who reacted to the shooting of the protesters by the military on her Twitter handle, described the #EndSARS campaigners as “young and brave future leaders.”

She wrote: “To the powerful people of Nigeria, especially to the young, brave, future leaders who have stood fearlessly in the face of corruption and greed, I stand with you.

“For all those who refuse to remain chained to another generation of suffering, I pray to God for your justice and liberation. Enough is truly enough. Nigeria is a land of love, beauty, culture, and pride but those who have chosen to murder and brutalise have brought shame to this great nation.

“Your time is up. Nigeria I pray for you and I love you so much. #EndSARS #LekkiMassacre #EndPoliceBrutality.”

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